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Vision: Day 1 Keynote from Kris Rogers – Changing the Conversation

Vision: Day 1 Keynote from Kris Rogers – Changing the Conversation

For those of you who haven’t been able to join us in beautiful, sunny El Segundo, California – don’t fret we’re going to be bringing you the information that we’ve been talking about for the last couple of days. PCM is here Changing the Conversation and we’re ready to involve you in that!

Our day started off bright and early with a keynote session by our Senior Vice President of Vendor Marketing, Kris Rogers. She took the time to bring us all in to learn more about how PCM is Changing the Conversation of how we do IT. We’re moving from a transactional form of marketing, to becoming a trusted advisor in Solutions and Services. Instead of focusing on the “what” we’re focusing on the “why” – we work in an ever-changing industry, constantly innovating new things, and working toward being the next best and greatest thing, you need to realign your content and information to your sales process, and be open to new ways of marketing. Social Media is one of the huge facets of the world today. 84% of B2B marketers are using social media in some form (Aberdeen). Are you utilizing this is your company? If your answer is no, you should be! PCM is here to help you navigate the ever-changing IT environment, by delivering a best in class experience and maximum value because your peace of mind is our business.

Kris continued along to speak about our customer’s Demand Journey, and how we as a company and our partner vendors should make sure that we are aligning our content to fit the sales process. Making sure that we are participating in all parts of the conversations that we’re having with our customers. Most customers don’t reach out to a sales representative until they’re more than 70% through the buying process, are you inserting yourself into every aspect of their process? How are you making sure that you are the first and best advisor that a customer can turn to? She encouraged us to be open to the new ways of marketing, to make sure that we engage everyone that we come in contact with. By leveraging our best marketing vehicles to join in on our conversations, we ensure that we’re getting into our customer’s demand journey in the exact right moment.

After an extremely encouraging keynote the vendors who joined us were able to venture off into different breakout sessions with topics ranging from; Sales Enablement, Corporate Sales, Social Marketing – Changing the Conversation, Spiceworks, Partner Pages with Fuel PRM, and an Executive Panel. Each session diversely different and incredibly informative. There aren’t many places in the IT marketplace that give you access to a room full of executives to answer your questions, but PCM gave that opportunity!

The first day of Vision was a huge success! The information shared was so incredibly valuable, anyone who was privileged enough to be a part of that had a great take-away. Intrigued yet? Stay tuned for our next recap and pictures coming soon.


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