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Data Protection Plus is Here

Data Protection Plus is Here

The long-term customer experience is central to the Barracuda culture, and this includes an ongoing dialogue with our customers. Our product family was built through active customer involvement. Through our beta programs, channel activities, #nophonetrees support, and other programs, we’ve developed a robust feedback mechanism for our product teams. This feedback helps us understand, anticipate, and solve customer problems.

It’s this process that helps drive innovation across our business – including the development of new products like the Barracuda Firewall, new features to enhance existing products like Barracuda Cloud LiveBoot, new models of existing products like the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC 540 or Barracuda Backup 290, or even acquisitions to expand our suite of powerful and easy-to-use security and storage solutions like Barracuda SignNow. Let’s look at some of the highlights:

Protection Plus Availability – Barracuda Backup

New features in the Barracuda portfolio enhance the storage of your data, ensuring that it is available for immediate use. For example, the all new Barracuda Backup version 6.0 extends flexibility for customers deploying in cloud-connected or private “dark” environments. The new version includes faster recovery times, Livebrowse for Microsoft Hyper-V, and more.  We’ve also added the option of local control, which means that you can completely manage Barracuda Backup version 6.0 without an Internet connection.

Protection Plus Accessibility – Barracuda Message Archiver

It doesn’t do much good to improve the availability of your data if you still have limited access. Our second leg of Data Protection Plus addresses the need for IT and end-users to retrieve data on their terms. The new Barracuda Message Archiver version 4.0 includes new capabilities that allow archives to be mirrored or rotated to the cloud based on retention policy. The new federated search feature allows end-users or IT admins to search for messages across multiple Message Archiver databases as needed.  Barracuda Message Archiver version 4.0 is also available as a physical or virtual device. Learn more about Barracuda Message Archiver here. The Barracuda Message Archiver Vx is here.

Protection Plus Information Management – Acquisition of C2C Systems

One of the more exciting pieces of Data Protection Plus is the acquisition of C2C Systems, which expands our archiving portfolio to include file and message archiving, eDiscovery, and PST management. This acquisition strengthens our information management portfolio, particularly in the areas of distributed PST files, early investigation, and extended retention. We’re excited to welcome C2C Systems to the family and introduce these new solutions to our channel and customers. Stay tuned for more details on this acquisition in the coming days.

Protection Plus Mobility – Barracuda Copy

Our job is to help you support the most mobile and connected workforce. Barracuda Copy for Companies is a file sync & share platform that provides manageability, security, and storage for teams. Copy was built as a cloud solution, accessible via the web and desktop or mobile apps. Today we are excited to announce the Barracuda Copy Site Server. The Copy Site Server is an on-premises appliance that supercharges the Barracuda Copy Cloud. This server is available as a physical or virtual appliance, and it acts as a local cache. It keeps the newest and most frequently used files on site, offers LDAP integration, and allows a Copy share to be mounted from a workstation using CIFS or SMB. The Copy Site Server allows users to restore a file without Internet access and without syncing the file to their desktops. Learn more about Barracuda Copy here.

Protection Plus Productivity – Barracuda SignNow

If your workflow relies on signatures and speedy transactions, you’re going to love Barracuda SignNow. SignNow is the most secure and top-rated eSignature solution for business, and it just keeps getting better. In addition to the same cloud-based top-rated eSignature service you’ve come to love, we’re now launching the new SignNow Appliance. With the Barracuda SignNow appliance, you can deploy a robust eSignature solution right onsite – in hardware or virtual deployment options. Keep your critical business documents at your own location. Learn more about Barracuda SignNow here.

With Data Protection Plus, Barracuda is taking storage to the next level. We’ll be talking more about this initiative and these new solutions in the near future, so keep an eye on the blog if you’d like to learn more. Or better yet, head over to our corporate site and order a risk-free 30-day evaluation of whatever you’d like to try. Our sales and support gurus are available to help you find and deploy the right solution for your environment.

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