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Hybrid Cloud – A Strategy for Success

Hybrid Cloud – A Strategy for Success

The adoption of the Cloud and almost inevitably the Hybrid Cloud in the enterprise is moving at an unprecedented pace.  According to Gartner, by 2020, a corporate “no-Cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-Internet” policy is today.  Although Cloud solutions offer organizations immense flexibility and scale, Hybrid Cloud architectures create management nightmares for IT leaders.  Additionally, the “on-demand” nature of the Cloud enables anyone with a credit card to turn up services without the need to engage IT in the normal process.  End-users are just simply not willing to wait.  This approach leads to major issues with control, visibility, and typically does not align with IT and corporate governance.

PCM’s approach is to start with the assumption that IT organizations either have or will adopt a Hybrid Cloud strategy.  Our vendor agnostic approach allows us to consult with our customers to determine the best solution which typically spans multiple vendors.  Additionally, we have built our own Cloud and managed services offerings with Hybrid Cloud as the foundation.  PCM has a unique position in the industry with the ability to consult on, sell, implement, host, and manage Cloud solutions of all types.  PCM’s wholly owned purpose built Data Centers give us enormous flexibility to build, host, and manage private Clouds for industries of all types.


A key component to PCM’s Hybrid Cloud strategy and related offerings is the PCM Hybrid Cloud Manager.  PCM’s Hybrid Cloud Manager is an industry-first orchestration and operations solution that offers a true single-pane of glass experience for managing your Hybrid Cloud.  There are many tools on the market that seek to monitor, track, and provision Cloud assets, but most of these tools are simply data collectors that present consolidated views of these environments or workflow engines that orchestrate to public Clouds through a set of APIs.  PCM’s Hybrid Cloud Manager includes orchestration with the addition of ITIL-based IT Service Management within a single platform.

By combining these two typically separate functions into a single platform, PCM is able to offer Managed Cloud Services in a unique way that pulls all managed systems into a single Configuration Management Database (CMDB).  Additionally, through automated discovery, we are able to map Cloud assets and create business service views that offer our customers greater visibility and control.


Additionally, PCM has a complete set of mature solutions that leverage our platforms and Data Centers which can provide an enormous jump start for your organization on your journey to Hybrid Cloud.

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