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Opportunity Awaits in the Internet of Things

Opportunity Awaits in the Internet of Things

By 2020, just over three years from now, some 50 billion machines and sensors will be connected and communicating with one another via the Internet. What’s more, 35 billion additional devices will be incorporated into this web of networked devices in just the next five years.

Collectively it’s called the Internet of Things (IoT), and it has engendered a great burst of innovation in software, hardware and services – much of it driven by industry leaders such as Intel and PCM. With each new IoT connection comes a fresh opportunity – for the world at large, and for your business in particular. What kind of opportunity, you might ask? The answer is: all kinds; every kind.

8The opportunity to transform communities – Cities and towns can leverage the Internet of Things to enable smart structures, from single-family homes to multi-building campus solutions. Cities can use IoT solutions to control traffic patterns and help drivers locate parking; deploy intelligent IP cameras and digital surveillance for improved security; and more efficiently manage power grids and anti-pollution systems. And, school districts can use IoT technologies for smarter classrooms equipped with such advances as interactive white boards.

7The opportunity to invent new services – One example, vehicle telematics. The Internet of Things enables such intelligent technologies as more efficient vehicle or container tracking, fleet management, advanced driver assistance systems and satellite-based navigation. The acceptance of autonomous vehicles will depend on the reliability of these IoT-based services.

6The opportunity to turn data into insight – Data analytics delivers value by processing huge quantities of data drawn from disparate sources to glean useful knowledge; more and more, those sources will include IoT devices. Your opportunity lies in finding ways for businesses to make new and valuable connections between datapoints in the Internet of Things.

5The opportunity to create smarter retail experiences by deploying IoT technologies that enable interactive shopping, wearable devices, smart retail, and secure transactions. And those same technologies can be used to equip sales associates with the tools and support they need to provide personalized service.

PCM and Intel can help you find your business niche in a world of new opportunities. Connect to the Internet of Things, and connect to your future.



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