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10 Reasons Why You Need SAN!

10 Reasons Why You Need SAN!

One of the biggest complaints today are about poorly performing applications, lack of information management, and the inability to reduce costs. With Data Center costs exponentially growing – why continue to waste your budget on storage that won’t help you increase performance, efficiency, and cost savings?

Storage Area Network or SAN is a flexible, intelligent, and easy-to-manage storage solution that allows you to give structure and efficiency to your data availability, while reducing operational costs. While you’re continuing to think of reasons why you don’t want to integrate SAN into your out-of-control storage environment – let us tell you 10 reasons why you DO!

Don’t have the ability or budget to have hundreds of disks to manage your storage? SAN means that you don’t have to limit those disks, it can actually grow to fit your needs, rather than limiting itself like a normal server.

Do you have connectivity issues? We’ve all been there…SAN performance isn’t affected by Ethernet traffic or other bottlenecks. Data is transmitted on its own private network.

Data-IsolationData Isolation
Gone are the days of worrying about confidential information getting into the wrong hands. There’s no chance of your data being copied or stolen by anyone sharing the same SAN as you. Not even your boss!

100% Uptime, well don’t mind if I do! There’s nothing quite like a SAN to assure 100% storage availability, with no reboots or restoration!

Workload-IsolationWorkload Isolation
Data isolation is part of the beauty of workload isolation – you can zone your workloads so that your data is protected against other “non-related” workloads. SAN doesn’t share either.

Long-Distance-ConnectivityLong Distance Connectivity
SAN has the advantage to distance, which allows you to consolidate your storage into an isolated location – up to 10km (about 6 miles, but you won’t get a medal for that one).

Increased-UtilizationIncreased Utilization
Rather than thousands of partially used disks wasting your precious space, power, and electricity – you get tons of SAN disks, because SAN uses space effectively. Yes, that means that you get more bang for your buck!

You want the benefits of more fully utilized disks? You don’t need to use local disks for the OS. You can run diskless servers and boot directly to the SAN. Snap your fingers and you’ll have all your data right there, just like a virtualized machine. Just don’t expect Mary Poppins to keep your data organized for you.

Centralized-ManagementCentralized Management
Do you have too many different versions of the same product? Fret not! SAN vendors have created easy-to-use software management tools that will allow your environment to be seamless.  And you thought centralized management was difficult…

Disaster-RecoveryDisaster Recovery
The cost of SAN can be high, but so can having to continually replace all of your data center storage when it doesn’t fully do what you need it to do – or when you need more. SAN can completely earn back its high price by providing a speedy recovery when the clock is ticking – and your data center is frying. [1]

Being able to bundle performance, virtualization, and functionality into your storage architecture will be essential to controlling the costs of your environment. PCM understands how to fix out-of-control environments – actually we thrive on it, in order to empower your organization to building the best technology fortress it can with the power of SAN.

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[1] Hess, Kenneth “10 Advantages of SAN vs. DAS” IT Business Edge