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PCM Data Center Hosting: Relieving the Data Center Burden

PCM Data Center Hosting: Relieving the Data Center Burden

Regardless of industry, enterprises and managed service providers alike are familiar with the data center burden. That burden represents a whole collection of risks and concerns about operating costs, IT complexity, application performance and availability, system scalability, network security, and much more. It’s a burden that keeps IT providers awake at night and keeps businesses focused on tactics rather than strategy, undermining their ability to grow and meet business objectives. This burden is also the reason many enterprise and MSPs are turning to colocation or data center hosting solutions.

Whether your data center is physical, virtualized, converged, software-defined, cloud-based, or any combination of the above, it serves as the brain of your operations. But the cost of running a data center is at an all-time high. By taking data center facility responsibilities off your plate – whether in whole or in part – PCM can not only help you reduce costs but also help ensure that your data center capabilities remain on the cutting edge, giving you a distinct competitive advantage today and long term.

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Because a one-size solution does not fit all organizations, PCM offers four levels of data center hosting that can be mixed and matched to address your specific requirements. Each level is designed to meet your business needs while minimizing the costs associated with maintaining IT systems:

  1. FULLY MANAGED HOSTING SOLUTION, in which organizations outsource the complete management and hosting of the server environment.
  2. PARTIALLY MANAGED HOSTING SOLUTION, in which organizations retain control over specific aspects of their systems while outsourcing others.
  3. PRIVATE CLOUD SERVICES, in which organizations can take advantage of “instant infrastructure” features and enterprise-level performance for a monthly fee.
  4. VIRTUAL COMPUTING SERVICES, which includes scalable servers, applications, and storage, as well as network services hosting.

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Today’s high-density, consolidated, converged, and virtualized data centers are complex environments. Every decision in the data center is critical, and mistakes can be costly. PCM can help you reduce data center risk and complexity.

Learn more about PCM’s Data Center capabilities in our White Paper, PCM Data Center Hosting: Relieving the Data Center Burden.

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