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Collaborating Securely with Synology Office Tools

Collaborating Securely with Synology Office Tools

In today’s business climate, some common trends are emerging that are drastically altering the way business is being done. Collaboration tools and software offerings have grown considerably in both scope and size in the last decade and will continue to do so into the future. In order to take advantage of these trends, Synology has released a collaboration suite of applications that allow you to communicate and work together solely on your Synology NAS without the need for a cloud service. This newly released collaboration suite contains four packages: Synology Chat, Calendar, MailPlus, and Office. These powerful packages are fully integrated with one-another and run directly on the Synology NAS. Their robust user experience can be accessed directly from your browser or mobile app.

Synology Chat

Quick and secure communication is a necessary function in business. Many organizations resort to third-party, cloud-based solutions to provide this service. However, storing and accessing your data on someone else’s server brings a host of security concerns including sensitive data interception and uncertainty of where and how your data is being kept. With Synology Chat, this data is all stored locally on your Synology NAS. You can easily communicate and collaborate while being sure your data is safe and secure. Synology Chat is a robust and secure chat client that can be used in any organization and alleviates the need for a cloud-based provider.

Synology Calendar/Mailplus

A fully integrated calendar and mail solution is something that most organizations cannot live without. Synology Calendar and Mailplus address this need securely, giving businesses the functionality that is essential to success. Smooth integration between calendar and mail client significantly aids in and promotes productivity and efficiency. Both of these packages store their data directly on your Synology NAS, making your data secure and local. Data security coupled with the added ability to sync your mail and calendar data across multiple devices means you will never be out of reach or miss a meeting again.

Synology Office

Being able to collaboratively edit documents greatly fosters teamwork and creativity and is a trend that has been expanding rapidly. With cloud-based collaboration tools, your sensitive information and documents are held on a remote server and are managed by another company. By utilizing Synology Office with a Synology NAS, you can collaboratively edit documents or spreadsheets and be sure they are safe and secure as they are located locally on your NAS. With the added functionality of a fully integrated Synology Chat, you can collaborate and chat directly on the document. It’s easier than ever to work together!
Your company data and intellectual property are important. Collaborate securely with a Synology NAS.




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