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Extension Option for Azure Commit Renewal

Extension Option for Azure Commit Renewal


Backup your data to the cloud easily and securely with Azure Backup. Integrate with existing system components and take advantage of low cost backup and cloud hyper scale to attain true enterprise grade offsite backup at a fraction of the price.

Dev/Test in Azure


Empower your developers and lower costs by moving your Development and Test environment to Azure. Pay-as-you-Grow Azure Virtual Machines allow you to test quicker, fail faster, and go to market with new products sooner all while lowering the costs associated with hosting a Dev/Test environment.

Storage in Azure


Manage ever changing and growing data needs with Azure. All organizations are struggling with how to manage and maintain their growing data sets. Using low cost Azure storage you can archive data and meet regulatory and compliance needs at much lower costs than on premise solutions.

Do you have an existing SCE enrollment?

Existing Azure only SCE customers are able to renew with a minimum buy in quantity less than the current minimum requirements of (10) units or $12,000 annually.  Customers can take advantage of this by exercising their one-time extension option (as long as they have not extended their enrollment already) and rolling over their current terms and conditions. For questions on how to extend your current SCE, please reach out to your PCM Microsoft specialists or your account executive.


How does this offer impact existing Azure-only commercial customers?

  • Expiring SCE customer are able to maintain their current minimum by exercising their one-time renewal and rolling over their current terms and conditions

What segments will be affected?

  • Commercial, Government and Academic

If a customer currently has an Enterprise Agreement or SCE with SQL, will their minimums be affected as well?

  • 10 Monetary Commitment units per month changes only apply to ‘Azure Only’ SCEs. Customers who have an EA or an SCE that is non-’Azure Only’ may continue to buy according to current minimums (at least 1 Monetary Commitment unit per month)

Will the U.S. Government Community Cloud (USGCC) customers continue to be able to use a programmatic $0 Azure provisioning SKU to enroll into SCE?

  • Yes, USGCC customers can use the $0 SKU to enroll into SCE. The $0 SKU is available for customers who are allowed to use Azure only under the pay-as-you-go model


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