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The Surface Pro with LTE

The Surface Pro with LTE

The Surface Pro with LTE is now available, preorder today with PCM!

The Microsoft Surface Pro has been presented as the “Most Versatile Laptop”. While the Surface Pro offers users the convenience of a tablet and all the features of a laptop, it has been missing something since its predecessor, the Surface 3. The ability to be completely wireless was no longer an option which meant you had to use an internet enabled device to grant you access. Those are days are now over, and we are excited to introduce you to the Microsoft Surface Pro, with LTE.

Microsoft Surface welcomed the new Surface Pro into the Surface family in May of this year, and is now rolling out LTE capable devices. These devices will be unlocked, and enabled to be connected to AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon contracts.  These new devices boast a modern, scalable LTE advanced modem, which will provide consistent 4G LTE data speeds anywhere in the world. The new Surface Pro has now been designed for LTE from the ground up, keeping the integrity of the device intact, all the while giving you 7 invisible antennas to provide the best connectivity possible. This is unlike many other device manufacturers who only offer single-line antenna options. Microsoft stays true to the sleek design that we have all grown to love, with the added bonus of LTE. Wireless has never looked so good.

The new Surface Pro LTE continues to provide you the ability to connect anywhere, for work, or for play, now more than ever. All devices will come with a standard SIM tray, but will also have eSIM incorporated directly into the product. This allows the end user to enjoy LTE connectivity anywhere on the planet, without ever having to buy or insert another SIM card. The eSIM can be configured using the Windows Store or through Mobile Device Management (MDM), which provides our customers with better control, and manageability over their devices.

The Surface Pro with LTE is a great device when we need access in an instant. These are the moments when the Surface Pro with LTE steps in and shines.

  • Mobile Sales
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Travel
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Seamlessly deployed with full functionality of Windows 10, you are offered the best security and performance in the market.  Allowing users to have full access to their entire desktop.  Easily sign in with Windows Hello, connect instantly with LTE, and begin working regardless of your location. 

We are excited to offer this and make it available to those who need consistent and reliable connectivity Devices are available for pre-sale now, and will ship December 1st. Let’s move forward, and create a whole new level of connectivity, with the new Surface Pro with LTE.

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